Lunar New Year – First Post

I’ve been pondering doing this for a while. Finally doing it. And what is ‘it’? I’m not exactly sure yet, but for now, it seems to be a kind of diary. A way of documenting and recording the small things I notice around me. Small, but important things. Like what plants are in flower or fruit, what bird species are around, what insects. I hope it will help me become more observant, and that it will be something I can refer to in future turnings of the seasons. Our world is in such a state of flux, our climate patterns are changing, and so are our ecologies in response to this. I am not a scientist, not a botanist or zoologist. I’m just an ordinary person who loves my home. I figure by paying closer attention to it, and recording what I notice, I may be able to assist or participate somehow in the process of resilience-making that we are all embarked upon now.


10 thoughts on “Lunar New Year – First Post

  1. Congratulations on your first blog. It is ordinary people noticing the little things that in life and sharing it with everyone else that helps us all to reconnect with the earth, nature and our true selves. Well done. I look forward to future ‘diary entries’.

  2. oooh nice start, love the theme, i’m on acreage as well so looking forward to the inspiration! is that blue quandong seeds? they love going through cassowarys digestive system, makes germination a sure bet! don’t you love the symbiotic natural systems? so much to learn! sx

    • 🙂 yes, it’s a kind of quandong called ‘Eleocarpus Obovartus’ (i think!) or ‘Hard Quandong’ or ‘Blueberry Ash’. Fruiting very abundantly this year. I am going to see if its seeds are bead make-able! Do you live in cassowary country, Sarah?

  3. Congrats Sally….I would love to know if the seeds are bead make-able as well…very eco…very chic…and I look forward to following your posts and learning about our earth from your eyes and heart..<3

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