A diary of observations of the lives around me, the lives I share my Whian Whian home with. I am a 39 year old woman who has lived most of my life on this one small piece of land in Northern NSW, Australia. My family moved here when I was about 9 years old. I have come and gone but I keep returning, and have now been living here in a small cottage with my son and dog since 2008. Sometimes I feel stuck here, and I almost resent it. But when I reflect on all the very best and most treasured experiences of my life, most of them have happened here. This blog is an attempt to help me keep attentive to and appreciative of the many small wonders of this dear, familiar place. There are times it is does not feel so familiar, for instance recently when Rocky Creek filled with unprecedented (in our experience) floodwaters and we packed our bags to evacuate for the very first time. But these changes do not make me love it any less, in fact, it feels all the more precious. My wish is that every human will come to truly appreciate the preciousness of their home, wherever it may be, and the many other-than-human lives they share it with. I feel this is especially important now as we go into the perilous times that climate change is bringing to us. We need to look after each other, and by each other, I don’t mean just other humans. I mean all of us.


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