Chooks I Have Loved and Lost

I take it back, Spring has not been gentle this year after all. She has returned to her usual harsh Australian beauty and horror. This morning I heard the doleful chirping of our lone teenage chicken, voice just on the cusp of breaking. I smiled to myself and wasn’t too perturbed that Mumma Chooka’s reassuring […]

New Growth, and Harvest, and Death

Spring has been gentle and abundant this year, in the outer world. We’ve had rains, unusually, and so everything is blooming and shooting and there are baby birds in almost every tree it seems! In the inner world there is growth, too, and harvest but this can’t happen without loss, death and some suffering, it […]

A new year … sort of

It’s been a long while between blogs. Mainly because I blog about home and I’ve been a long way away from home, for the first time in many years. My son and I travelled to Nepal for all of November and a bit of December. We took three weeks to walk the Annapurna Circuit, through […]


I’m not sure I’m ready to make this post but here I am, anyway. About three weeks ago I, my son and my Dad drove to the end of our road and walked into the forest there. We walked along a new track, made for trucks and heavy machinery. We met neighbours along the way, […]


It’s official – Sunday the first of September and Spring is most definitely here. Has been for a while, actually. Some days have even felt like an early Summer already, with the increased heat of our climate changed experience of the Sun. But oh, who can’t love Spring? There’s just so much going on! With […]